Monthly Wrap-Up || April 2020

April was blur. There were not that many showers to bring May flowers and not that many books read to bring many reviews. It’s been THE month of the slump. I read Things In Jars which was amazing and will probably be my top 2020 read and after that I struggled with reading. We’ll see how May goes but for now check out the 5 books I did read below.

As always click on the cover to read my full review, if I did not review it you’ll find yourself on goodreads instead where you can peruse other reviews.

Total Books Read: 5
Average Rating: 3.4
Total Pages Read: 1, 914


Rating: ★★★★★

Would I read again? Yes! I loved this book and I can’t wait to reunite with the characters again.

What a wonderful blend of genres and interesting characters with a unique plot! No wonder this book put me in a slump.

Rating: ★★★

Would I read again? Not for me, will be unhauling.

Just a bit grim for COVID times.

Rating: ★★★

Would I read again? No, didn’t love it enough.

Great focus on friendships but didn’t capture me enough to continue the series.

Rating: ★★★★

Would I read again? Yes, very insightful.

Non-fiction is a genre I need to read more of, looking forward to more of Gladwell’s thoughts.

Rating: ★★

Would I read again? No, and no to the rest of the series.

Was it boring or was it COVID?




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