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“You raggedy ass witch.”



Title: Layoverland
Author: Gabby Noone
Page Count: 304 pages
Genre: Contemporary // Young Adult
Rating: ★  ★  ★ ★
Publisher: Penguin Teen
Release Date: January 21, 2020
Buy It: Chapters Indigo






Beatrice Fox deserves to go straight to hell. At least, that’s what she thinks. On her last day on Earth, she ruined the life of the person she loves most–her little sister, Emmy. So when Bea awakens from a fatal car accident to find herself on an airplane headed for a mysterious destination, she’s confused, to say the least. Once on the ground, Bea receives some truly harrowing news: not only is she in purgatory, but she has been chosen to join the Memory Experience team. If she wants another shot at heaven, she’ll have to use her master manipulation skills to help 5,000 souls suss out what’s keeping them from moving on.

There’s just one slight problem. Bea’s first assigned soul is Caleb, the boy who caused her accident, and the last person Bea would ever want to send to the pearly gates. But as much as Bea would love to see Caleb suffer for dooming her to a seemingly endless future of listening to other people’s problems, she can’t help but notice that he’s kind of cute, and sort of sweet, and that maybe, despite her best efforts, she’s totally falling for him. And to make matters worse, he’s definitely falling for her. Now, determined to make the most of her time in purgatory, Bea must decide what is truly worth dying for–romance or revenge.




Welcome to the YA contemporary genre where every book creates a new sub-genre. Layoverland was a quirky, humourous, bizzaringly great book about in essence, purgatory. The character, Bea, dies and because she wasn’t the greatest decision maker in her life she has been sent to purgatory where she must help 5000 souls pass onto Heaven before she herself can move on. If you’re a fan of The Good Place you’ll really enjoy this one! Even if you’re not a fan of The Good Place (because I’m not) you won’t be able to put Layoverland down.

This author took a very serious depressing topic and created a piece of work that will make you laugh out loud. I really connected with the characters and ended up flying through this book. Bea was funny and silly and I found myself relating to her “shades of grey” personality.

There have been some comments about how the book ends abruptly but I don’t think you can have a tidy conclusion to a book about life after death. I actually really liked that it ends in a mystery and was content.

This story was unique and the switch from past to present was very effective in getting to know the character and her situation. What a weird little book I’m going to cherish on my shelf. It graced me with the best insult compliment I’ve ever heard, “you raggedy ass witch”.

Thank you Penguin Teen for sending me a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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