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It’s a wonderful feeling to meet your heroes. Be it your favourite actor, favourite musician, etc. Meeting your favourite author is on a another level. Meeting the person who wrote words that spoke to your soul is something else entirely, something much more intimate.  I love meeting my favourite authors. There’s something so magical about meeting the people who write words that bring you joy. That’s what Morgenstern does. She brings joy to readers through her writing. And one of those readers is me.


Erin Morgenstern is a wonderful writer and a wonderful human. She was such a gem. I loved her positive energy and general happiness towards her fans. She was happy to sign ALL THE BOOKS. It was so heart warming to see how lovely she shines when she reads her writing. There’s something so pleasent about her voice and her demeanor. It was lovely to meet you Erin!


The Starless Sea is a love letter to those readers who love reading about stories within stories. There’s a patience that is required to read fiction and the payout is much more rewarding because of the hours you’ve spent absorbing the words. The Starless Sea is meant to be savoured slowly.

Ben McNaly Event || Thank you to BrittReadsBooks & ATaleofTwoCities for recapping the event for me below since I missed it! *shakes fist at the snow dump we recieved on the day and the terrible traffic*

A glimpse into the past – The Night Circus

Morgenstern began writing what would become The Night Circus oin 2011 years ago during NanoWriMo. NanoWriMo is an event that occurs every November. Aspiring authors spend the entire month of November writing. Writing to reach a goal of 50,000 words. This is where the roots of The Night Circus began. Morgenstern wrote circus stories and had this idea of setting a story at a circus. At the time none of the characters ended up in what is The Night Circus today but the roots were started.

The roots of The Starless Sea

Erin mentioned she is a fan of video games! While playing Dragon Age she had this idea of writing a fiction fantasy novel that would also have  “choose your own adventure” elements. The idea for The Starless Sea was born.

Exclusive Penguin Randon House Canada Meet & Greet

I am incredibly grateful for the invite to Penguin Random House Canada’s meet & greet with Erin Morgenstern. Since I missed the Ben McNaly event earlier I thought to myself “I have a second chance to meet Erin!” Doubleday Canada hosted Erin Morgenstern at Penguin Random House Canada and it was magical. The energy in the room was bustling and it was a collective energy for the author. It was such an uplifting event I swear we were all floating on the waves of The Starless Sea.

Erin read an excerpt from her book, The Star Merchant. It was so amazing to hear her read her own words. It brought the book to life on a new level for me. She also told us how she met her husband! He came to her 2012 signing for The Night Circus. Isn’t that the cutest MEET CUTE ever?! Margaret Atwood once said to her “did you marry a fan?” Erin said that since they’d been mocked by Atwood nobody else can. LOL. I was so flustered I ended up lining up 3 times. The first time to get my books signed. The second time because I forgot to get a photo with Erin. And the third because I forgot to get a book personalised. I was a hot mess. But Erin was flawless and was super nice about my mega level 50 awkwardness. It was a wonderful evening and I think I’m still high on adrenaline.


Does she have any pets? She has a kitty! With their own instagram account. With the coolest name ever – Vesper.

Would Erin be an acolyte, guardian or keeper? Keeper

What is your favourite fairytale? Snow Queen

What is your favourite re-telling? Angela Carter’s retellings, especially Red Riding Hood.

Reading roots? Her mom was an elementary school librarian.

Have you ever had your fortune read? Yes! A psychic in Salem told her she would write a book that would one day be turned into a film with great cinematography.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Erin in person. I highly recommend her books to readers who love a slow beautiful story.

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