The Red Threads of Fortune || Incredible Descriptions


Title: The Red Threads of Fortune
Author: Jy Yang
Page Count: 213 pages
Genre: Fantasy // Novella
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Release Date: September 26, 2017
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Fallen prophet, master of the elements, and daughter of the supreme Protector, Sanao Mokoya has abandoned the life that once bound her. Once her visions shaped the lives of citizens across the land, but no matter what tragedy Mokoya foresaw, she could never reshape the future. Broken by the loss of her young daughter, she now hunts deadly, sky-obscuring naga in the harsh outer reaches of the kingdom with packs of dinosaurs at her side, far from everything she used to love.

On the trail of a massive naga that threatens the rebellious mining city of Bataanar, Mokoya meets the mysterious and alluring Rider. But all is not as it seems: the beast they both hunt harbors a secret that could ignite war throughout the Protectorate. As she is drawn into a conspiracy of magic and betrayal, Mokoya must come to terms with her extraordinary and dangerous gifts, or risk losing the little she has left to hold dear.




Have you ever started reading a book and felt as if there should be more to the background of the story? That happens to me but with The Red Threads of Fortune I didn’t. I kept discovering the characters and the plot.

I always wait until I’ve read about 50 pages before adding a book to my Goodreads as “currently reading”. Imagine my surprise when I logged on and noticed this is book 2 in the series! This author is such great a great writer if they can make us feel as if I didn’t miss anything by reading book 2 without book 1.

This world was amazing. Creative and imaginative and so well described I wanted to climb into the book and sit on a Phenoix myself watching all the events unfold. I mean, that is what it felt like! I frequently struggle with science fiction because I can’t seem to envision the weapons and tools they use but Yang described everything so perfectly I was completely immersed.

When books teach me something I find them that much more enjoyable. I learned a lot about non-binary identification and what that means and how to address them. It was such an eye opening aspect to the book I was really enriched. The author is non-binary themselves and I could feel their emotions in the writing.

Everything about this story was incredible. I can’t wait to read the rest AND grab the first one. Tordotcompub publishes the best stories! I will shout it from the rooftops!

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  1. Wow! It really is quite amazing that even without reading the first one, you were up to date! It takes a seriously skilled writer to do that WITHOUT making it repetitive for the ones who actually HAVE read the series! I am intrigued! I haven’t yet read any books published by but I hear good things about them! I think I will try this one out though! IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO MISS! 😍😍❤️ AMAZING REVIEWWW!!😍❤️😘

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