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Top Ten Tuesday posts are my favourite to read! A lot of bloggers out there have created their own prompts and you can definitely follow them but I am going to blaze my own path and do what I feel like. I find it easier for me that way. Without further ado check out this week’s Top 10! This week we’re looking at my top 10 favourite authors!

What’s most interesting to me about this list is that all my favourite authors are FEMALE. And that’s a thing of beauty! Some of these are long time faves and others have hit the list as of today. I should mention these are really in no particular order. They are all favourites and I’ve only numbered them as they came to mind.
10. Laini Taylor

My love for Laini Taylor’s writing started when I first read Daughter of Smoke & Bone back in 2011. The book came out and I thought to myself “what a strange cover” and then I read the synopsis and thought to myself “what a strange synopsis”. I inhaled that book. It was so up my alley and I was so enthralled by the poetic writing. From then on I couldn’t get enough of Laini Taylor. Can’t wait to see what she writes next.

9. Erin Morgenstern

Erin Morgenstern has only written 2 books but I am obsessed with both of them. The Night Circus was released in 2011… okay I actually did not realize that I had read both Laini Taylor’s book AND Erin Morgenstern’s in 2011. Apparently that was a great year! The Night Circus blew me away. Such lush writing. Such a great concept. Amazing characters. I was hooked. The Starless Sea is releasing in November and I just finished it! Another beautiful book. Another wonderful idea. Another great book from Morgenstern. I’ll be reading everything she continues to write.

8. Francesca Zappia

Francesca Zappia is brand new to the list. I read Eliza & Her Monsters in 2018 and found myself really impressed by this contemporary author. I usually 3 star most contemporary reads because although I like them I am never wowed by them. That is until Zappia. her 2019 title is releasing in October, Now Entering Addamsville. I LOVED it. She has a really great writing style and her ideas and unique. I’m excited to read her debut, Made You Up and all her forthcoming works.

7. Samantha Shannon

Samantha Shannon! Not only is she one of my favourite authors but she’s written one of my favourite series! The Bone Season. The first book in the series was written in 2013 (I was actually wondering if it was going to spit out 2011 at me again) and I remember seeing it released at Chapters Indigo on release day and that original cover instantly drew me in.

6. Charlie Jane Anders

We have another newbie to the list! I picked up all the birds in the sky because of the cover, yep total cover buy. What had me surprised was how deeply entranced I was by her writing and the story. I recently finished up her second novel The City In The Middle of The Night and I was equally blown away by it. I love her writing and weaving of science fiction and fantasy with magic. Seriously so beautiful and I’m excited to read more by her!

5. Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo is fabulous! She herself is a wonderful person, from what I’ve seen online and heard from people who have met her. And her writing is top notch! I loved her Grisha series back in 2012 and re-visited the series when I found bookstagram. Her recent adult fiction debut, Ninth House, shows us that her writing is continuously growing and evolving and I AM HERE FOR IT.

4. JK Rowling

If you don’t have JK Rowling on your list did you even grow up in the early 2000s? What can I say about Rowling that hasn’t already been said? She’s created a world that we not only grew up with but a world that continued to stay with my generation for life. An author like this comes once in a lifetime and for us it’s JK Rowling. The Harry Potter books are some of the rare books I’ve re-read and read in another language. The most magical author I’ve ever read.

3. Madeline Miller

After reading The Song of Achilles a few years ago I knew I had a special book in my hands. Also fun fact guess when this was written! Back in…you guessed it 2011! Wow, this is quite the coincidence. I[‘m wondering what this means now, there’s got to me a reason for the 2011 pattern. Hmmm.. I digress. Madeline Miller has a way of making you feel feelings you’ve never felt before while reading. Her recent book, Circe, was just as amazing and I can’t wait for her take on The Tempest next. One of the most intelligent writers I’ve encountered.

2. Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire aka Mira Grant aka Queen of Fae aka best author ever! I am just obsessed with Seanan McGuire’s work. She writes the best fantasy and sci fi I’ve ever read. I can’t believe I only just discovered her in the past 2 years! I am completely transported into her worlds no matter where she takes me. From October Daye’s San Francisco to the Wayward Worlds to blood sucking mermaids in the deep I will go where McGuire leads. Seriously, if she left bread crumbs around I’d follow them. Love her words and her worlds! Thank you Seanan for writing.

1. Daphne du Maurie

There was always something slightly missing in classics for me. I love certain classics, Jane Eyre for exmaple, but I always felt like there was something I needed, just a little something extra. I never knew what that was until I met Daphne du Maurie’s work. I love her books. Wow, I felt like I’d dipped my toe into the moors and I was there. Right there with the characters that’s how well she writes. The mood, the atmosphere, the plot, the mysterious characters. This is gothic writing at its best. Will foever be re-reading du Maurie’s stories.


Who are some of your favourite authors? Let me know!

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  1. JK and Bardugo are definitely on my list as well! I’m discovering Liane Moriarty this year and I think she’ll be one of my favorites, too! As well as Maggie Stiefvater!

  2. JK and Bardugo are on my list as well! I’m discoveriny Liane Moriarty this year and she’s quickly becoming one of my favorites! Maggie Stiefvater, too!

    1. Ohh I’ve never read Moriarty! I like Stiefvater too 🙂

      1. I really recommend her! She’s really good 😀

  3. If you don’t have JK Rowling on your list did you even grow up in the early 2000s? 😂😂 Yes! Haha perfectly said 😀 And its awesome that all your favorite authors are Women!

    1. I was so happy when I saw the pattern emerge!

  4. Laini Taylor and Leigh Bardugo are some of mine, too! I have yet to read Rebecca, but I will be by the end of the year

    1. I can’t wait to see what you think of Rebecca!

  5. Ahhh how did I forget Miller? Micky

  6. Molly's Book Nook says: Reply

    Leigh Bardugo and Rowling are the only two I’ve read from your list >.< Ooops. I need to read more.

    1. Lots of authors out there! I recommend all of those women’s work highly. We’ll be reading du Maurier for 30 before 30 hehe!

  7. not many names on here I HAVEN’T read, which is awesome!

  8. I still need to read The Night Circus, it’s been on my list for a while

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