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Title: We Walked The Sky
Author: Lisa Fiedler
Page Count: 304 pages
Genre: Contemporary // Young Adult
Rating: ★  ★  ★
Publisher: Penguin Teen
Release Date: July 2, 2019
Buy It: Chapters Indigo






In 1965 seventeen-year-old Victoria, having just escaped an unstable home, flees to the ultimate place for dreamers and runaways–the circus. Specifically, the VanDrexel Family Circus where, among the lion tamers, roustabouts, and trapeze artists, Victoria hopes to start a better life.

Fifty years later, Victoria’s sixteen-year-old granddaughter Callie is thriving. A gifted and focused tightrope walker with dreams of being a VanDrexel high wire legend just like her grandmother, Callie can’t imagine herself anywhere but the circus. But when Callie’s mother accepts her dream job at an animal sanctuary in Florida just months after Victoria’s death, Callie is forced to leave her lifelong home behind.

Feeling unmoored and out of her element, Callie pores over memorabilia from her family’s days on the road, including a box that belonged to Victoria when she was Callie’s age. In the box, Callie finds notes that Victoria wrote to herself with tips and tricks for navigating her new world. Inspired by this piece of her grandmother’s life, Callie decides to use Victoria’s circus prowess to navigate the uncharted waters of public high school.

Across generations, Victoria and Callie embrace the challenges of starting over, letting go, and finding new families in unexpected places.




Travelling carnivals and circuses in the creepy Victorian era fascinate me. There’s something about them that just makes your skin crawl doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just me! But I had to read We Walk The Sky because I was so intrigued.

This whole book had a very sweet feel to it. I watched the characters grow and come into who they are and it was a treat. It also felt very nostalgic, that coming of age feeling. The female characters were strong with a great narration and pack a punch!

YA doesn’t often explore multi-generational voices so this was a really interesting read. The story follows a teen who runs away to join the circus and her daughter, a child born in the circus. Both of their narratives had me interested and I felt a part of them.

A book for the dreamers and the adventurers! This is 100% for fans of The Greatest Showman! You’ll love it.

Thank you Penguin Teen for sending me a review copy for an honest review.

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