The Monster of Elendhaven || Romantic Horror


Title: The Monster of Elendhaven
Author: Jennifer Giesbrecht
Page Count: 160 pages
Genre: Fantasy // Novella
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Release Date: September 24, 2019
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The Monster of Elendhaven is a dark fantasy, a twisted tale of revenge set in an original world as oily and real as Jack the Ripper’s London. After a thing with no name washes up on the docks, empty, alone, and unable to die, he becomes obsessed with a frail young man who can twist minds with magic. Together, they launch a plan so dark and cruel that readers will find themselves cheering for blood, and for these avengers to consummate their horrible passion for each other. But the pair are being hunted by officials from the south, intent on saving the world from the horrors mages can unleash.




You know when you’re on the expressway/highway and you see an accident and you just stare and stare? Then quickly look away? Why is it that we’re so drawn in by catastrophe? If you’re curious about the macabre and insane events then you should give The Monster of Elendhaven a try but…

Tread carefully when you enter into the world where The Monster of Elendhaven exists. This story was violent, gory, graphic, intense, shocking, but most of all it was excellent. The writing is supple and lyrical but the book will make your stomach roil. If you’re at all squeamish you might have to question if this is for you but if you’re weird like I am and like bizzare creepy books then you should dive right into this one.

The relationships in this novella are so interesting to me. There’s humour between them, hurt, longing, etc. You know those relationships you know are bad for you but yet you continue because something about them keeps you there and keeps you tied together. That’s the relationship between Florian and Johann. The author is a genius really, the way she wrote these two characters together totally made me stop and sit with my mouth open.

A quick read but a potent one! You have to read this because there’s magic intertwined with very real human emotions. Part folktale/romantic horror/dark fantasy/mystery/toxic love story/lush writing… you have to read it if you’re brave enough 🙂

**Thank you Tordotcompub for sending me the ARC for reviewn exchange for an honest review, what a wild ride!**

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