Monthly Wrap-Up || April 2019

After a dry reading month back in March… April not only brought rain but it brought all the reading my way! I read an EPIC fantasy I’ve been meaning to read for over 7 years. The romance of the month was quirky. Finally threw in a non-fiction in there and it was fantastic! I read a really really boring book from my shelves but glad to be able to get rid of one to make room for new favourites (haha). A bunch of randoms, and to wrap it all up I read a hyped book that I really enjoyed! Check it all out below.

Click on each book to take you to the full review or Goodreads if I haven’t reviewed it yet.

Total Books Read: 9
Average Rating: 3.5
Total Pages Read: 3,439


Rating: ★★★.5



Rating: ★★★★★



Rating: ★★★.5



Rating: ★★★.5



Rating: ★★★★.5



Rating: ★★★★



Rating: ★★★



Rating: ★



Rating: ★★★★



Descendant of the Crane by Joan He || Indigo Teen Staff Pick April 2019

Wicked Saints Indigo Book Box || Indigo Teen Book Box April 2019

A Bound Woman Is A Dangerous Thing by DaMaris B. Hill || Book Review



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  1. I’m quite surprised about the 1 star for Robin Sloan’s book! I loved Sourdough. Do you have a review for the Mr Penumbra?

    1. I was quite surprised too, usually I really enjoy quirky books like it but I just couldn’t jive with it. Nothing seemed to click for me it felt like reading through molasses. 🙁 No review because it was just so hard to get through I didn’t have much to say.

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