I’ll Have What She’s Having || How Nora Ephron’s Three Iconic Films Saved The Romantic Comedy

I’ll have what she’s having.

Title: I’ll Have What She’s Having, How Nora Ephron’s Three Iconic Films Saved The Romantic Comedy
Author: Erin Carlson
Page Count: 304 pages
Genre: Biography // Nonfiction
Rating: ★ ★ ★.5
Publisher: Hachette Books
Release Date: August 29, 2017
Buy It: Book Depository







Journalist Erin Carlson tells the story of the real Nora Ephron and how she reinvented the romcom through her trio of instant classics. With a cast of famous faces including Reiner, Hanks, Ryan, and Crystal, Carlson takes readers on a rollicking, revelatory trip to Ephron’s New York City, where reality took a backseat to romance and Ephron–who always knew what she wanted and how she wanted it–ruled the set with an attention to detail that made her actors feel safe but sometimes exasperated crew members.

Along the way, Carlson examines how Ephron explored in the cinema answers to the questions that plagued her own romantic life and how she regained faith in love after one broken engagement and two failed marriages. Carlson also explores countless other questions Ephron’s fans have wondered about: What sparked Reiner to snap out of his bachelor blues during the making of When Harry Met Sally? Why was Ryan, a gifted comedian trapped in the body of a fairytale princess, not the first choice for the role? After she and Hanks each separatel balked at playing Mail’s Kathleen Kelly and Sleepless’ Sam Baldwin, what changed their minds? And perhaps most importantly: What was Dave Chappelle doing … in a turtleneck?




One of my favourite chick flicks has to be You’ve Got Mail! It was just such a heartwarming romance that makes me smile every time. Surprisingly for me I did not realize that the same writer who wrote the screenplay for You’ve Got Mail also wrote When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle and Julie & Julia. All movies I adore! This book is a biography where writer Erin Carlson goes into a deep review on how writer Nora Ephron’s 3 iconic films changed the romantic comedy genre.

I just love me a good biography! Especially one about a life that is completely different from my own and I knew this one would be intriguing for me. I really loved it. It was so refreshing and did not flounce the alluring world of filming in the readers face. Instead we are welcomed into the crazy world of Hollywood and reminded to take all that we see with a grain of salt. I believe that’s the expression? I always get expression’s wrong *chuckles*.

**This book is for all the dreamers out there. Definitely grab yourself a copy! Thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada for sending me the ARC.**

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