The Graces || Dragged Me Down

I no longer wonder whether something like me should be allowed to exist. I do exist.


Title: The Graces
Author: Laure Eve
Page Count: 415 pages
Genre: Fantasy // Young Adult
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Release Date: September 1, 2016
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Fenrin Grace is larger than life, almost mythical. He’s the school Pan, seducing girls without really meaning to. He’s biding his time until someone special comes along. Someone different, who will make him wonder how he got along all this time without her. Someone like me.

Fenrin’s twin, Thalia, is a willowy beauty with rippling, honey-colored hair. Wherever she goes, Thalia leaves behind a band of followers who want to emulate her. She casts spells over everyone she encounters, just like Fenrin—even if they both deny it.

Then there’s Summer. She’s the youngest Grace, and the only one who admits she’s really a witch. Summer is dark on the outside—with jet-black hair and kohl-rimmed eyes—and on the inside. It was inevitable that she’d find me, the new girl—a loner with secrets lurking under the surface.

I am River. I am not a Grace. But I’ll do anything to become one.




When I read the blurb about this book I immediately wanted to get my hands on it! I was anxious, I was impatient, and when I saw the snippet on the back cover mentioning that it’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The Craft” my 90s/early 2000s self squealed for joy. And that’s about where that joy ended.

*The Characters
I seriously did not relate to any of them. Nor did I like any of them. Not even a side character. Nothing. I just kept getting more angry at “River” and more weirded out by The Grace family.

*The Plot
Basically it’s about a girl who wants to be popular and wants to force a guy to fall in love with her. That’s what I got out of this one. It’s so unfortunate because there was very little magic and it was so slow. It felt like it was dragging on and on and I was slowly moving through the mud trying to get to the end of it.

*The Cover
Okay the cover is BEAUTIFUL. It’s so well put together and the fine details are perfect and I want to live in it’s beauty.

It’s too bad I was so looking forward to a book about witches because I’m always craving more books about witches. And demons. And magic. And all things supernatural. Just remember this is all about how I felt about the book. You may find yourself loving it and if you do that’s wonderful! I truly believe that even if one person is not a fan of a book the next person may very well be its #1 fan. I myself always separate reviews from my mind when I read a book. It’s a handy tool my friends. Let me know if you’ve read this or when you read it I would love to hear your thoughts. It’s always good to hear from others, who knows, you may just change my mind!

Although I didn’t like it it’s always good to read a book if you really want to read it even though you read a review that isn’t what you expected!

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